Historically, the Czech Republic was always ready to provide its medical, rehabilitation and spa care to patients from Arabian countries. This cooperation and tradition goes back to the relatively distant past and especially the baths were always attended by these clients.

Malik Company operates in an region, where there are several spas, such as Janske Lazne, Bělohrad, Bohdaneč and Velichovky and worked closely with the spas since its inception, especially with Janske Lazne, where however pediatric patients are treated.

The company Malik over the years experienced an increase in the amount patients and customers from Arabic-speaking countries.

At the same time, some clients of Dr. Mohamed El-Nakhala requested necessary equipment from the field of orthotics or prosthetics, and so began close cooperation that in the conclusion resulted in a collaboration between:

Malík a spol.,s.r.o.
Dr. Mohamed El-nakhala

This collaboration has created possibility of a complex client and patient care, because this creates a comprehensive system, that will fully satisfy the individual needs of patients in orthopedics and prosthetics care.

Dr. Mohamed El-Nakhal for this association provides administrative, medical, consulting and managerial service while company Malik provides medico-technical care, including administrative and technical outputs related to the production itself, as is manufacturing, testing, application and dispensing of medical devices.

The Malik company exercised their activities in the previous area of the former Regional prosthetic department, but because of the limited space available, the company was forced to find another space for its residence and business in the individual prosthetics and orthotics domain.

The new building was rebuilt and expanded for the operation of medicotechnical business. After building approval, 9. 12. 2002 the business was launched in these new areas, where company currently is in long-term lease.

Company Headquarters enables performance of these activities:

Health Services
The building has doctor’s office, which provides health services in the field of orthopedic-prosthetics, through health professionals from Orthopaedic Clinic of the University Hospital in Hradec Králové.

Medico-technical care
Areas for medico-technical care provides space for work with the patient or the client. They are on the ground and first floor.

On the ground floor are:
- reception for patients
- waiting spaces for patients
- several technician’s offices
- plaster cast making room
- auxiliary workplace with parallel bars
- prosthetic doctor’s office

On the first floor are:
- waiting room
- two technician’s offices
- auxiliary shoemaker’s workshop

The Production
There is space for production without access for patients or customers.
The basement is used for technical and production work on products. It consists of four workshops and one laminating room, grinding room and four storerooms. Other production facilities are in the first and second flor. For production there are 12 workshops with appropriate storage spaces, including adequate machinery and instrumentation.

Hygienic requirements

All workplaces for contact with the patient meet specified hygienic requirements. Technical equipment also fully fulfills the specifications for the work with the patient or client. In the building are 4 toilets for patients and one toilet for the disabled. Outside of the building six parking spaces are set up.
The building can be entered by stairs or by access ramp for wheelchairs.

Private surgeons
Company Malik provides an important service and orthotic-prosthetic care for the full range of private outpatients orthopedic surgeons throughout the region. They first come into contact with the patients who need prosthetic equipment recommended by GPs. There is also desire for the entire range of prosthetic devices, but mostly devices dominated in the field of orthotics and foot.

There is further cooperation with specialized care centers or homes for disabled patients with problems in the musculoskeletal system whom require specialized and long-term care. For this group of patients we provide care in an area of orthotics and assistive devices.

Spas and specialized centers

Equally important is cooperation with spa. In the East Bohemia region are Janske Lazne spa that specializes in the musculoskeletal system defects.

To these spas patients are coming as part of treatment which usually needs orthotic devices. Collaboration is done by making new devices or modifications of existing equipment.This is predominantly in the field of orthotics, but also mobility aids.

E - MAG Active
The E-MAG Active is a trend-setting innovation in the development of orthotic knee joint systems. It sets new standards in terms of safety, dynamics and mobility.

Thanks to unique functions, the E - MAG Active offers the user noticeable advantages. It is the first electronically controlled system knee joint with a controlled stance phase and free swing phase that is not dependent on the ankle and sole of the foot. Withsig nificantly less noise and temporary enable function. The principle of the E - MAG Active is both,innovative and consistent. An intelligent sensor system measures the position of the leg during walking and causes the orthotic joint to switch accordingly.

It is suitable for patients with increased need for mobility who up to now have not been able or have declined to be adequately fitted with an orthosis for different anatomical reasons. Use of the E - MAG Active can help prevent contractures and joint damage caused by immobilization, reduce muscular atrophy, and promote the development of existing muscles. The contralateral side is relieved, and compensating movements are avoided. Less energy is required for walking, and the patient benefits from an increased mobility.

Special orthosis for diabetic foot
This orthosis manufactured individually according to a plaster cast of the foot.

A diabetic foot is a foot that exhibits any pathology that results directly from diabetes mellitus or any long-term (or "chronic") complication of diabetes mellitus.[1]Presence of several characteristic diabetic foot pathologies is called diabetic foot syndrome.


• Lower limb modular transtibial prosteheses
• Indoor walker lower limb modular transtibial prosthese with Pedilin soft inner socket
• Outdoor walker lower limb modular transtibial prosthese with silicon or copolymer gel liner
• Outdoor walker lower limb modular transtibial prosthese with silicone gel–locking liner
• Trias
• C-Walk®
• Harmony system


• Lower limb modular transfemoral prostheses
• Indoor walker modular transfemoral prosthese with Pedilin soft inner socket
• Restricted outdoor walker modular transfemoral prosthese with silicon or copolymer gel liner
• Unrestricted outdoor walker modular transfemoral prosthese with silicone or copolymer gel liner - variant I
• Unrestricted outdoor walker modular transfemoral prosthese with silicone or copolymer gel liner - variant II
• Trias
• C-Walk®
• The C-Leg


• Lower limb modular knee exarticulation prostheses
• Indoor walker lower limb knee exarticulation modular prosthese with Pedilin soft inner socket
• Restricted outdoor walker lower limb modular knee exarticulation prosthese with silicon or copolymer gel liner
• Unrestricted outdoor walker lower limb modular knee exarticulation prosthese with silicone gel liner
• Modular hip exarticulation prosthese - variant I
• Modular hip exarticulation prosthese - variant II
• Helix3D
• Trias
• C-Walk®


• Upper limb transulnar prosthese with passive hand
• Upper limb transulnar prosthese with semi-active hand
• Upper limb transhemoral prosthese with semi-active hand
• SensorHand Speed®
• DMC plus® - System Electric Hand
• System Electric Hand Digital Twin®
• DynamicArm


• Cervical orthoses
• Polyethylene neck brace
• Body brace
• Three-point corset with/without padded supports
• Upper limb orthoses
• Lower limb orthoses


• Individual orthopaedic shoes
• Extension sandal
• Children orthopedic shoes
• Shoes for diabetics


• Hand made individual insoles
• Individual insoles from hand made semifinished product
• Supporting insoles
• Neurological insoles


• Mass produced aids and soft bandages
• Wheel chairs
• Strollers


• Seating shells - stability orthoses


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